We are

Bon Holidays

We are Bon Holidays Pvt. Ltd. a new venture of Bon Travel, and Mountain Tiger Nepal from Nepal. We specialize in, Inbound and Outbound Tours, Trekking, Expedition, Jungle Safari, Rafting and Adventure activities all around.

Bon Holidays Pvt. Ltd. is a new venture in this business but we proudly call ourselves as the best travel shop in the country. As branding can only be done by the continuous offering of the best service and cannot be made overnight, we guarantee the best travel experience in every aspect of your travel. We proudly call you the best team with the best knowledge and eagerness to serve each and every enigmatic travel conditions, makes us the summit of the ever rising pinnacle.

We will just be exaggerating if the words are simply kept in the form of text. You might even laugh at our naivety. As there is a mother who always has love nestled towards her child, we too have dedication and motivation that shines through the eyes to light up the confusing path of chaos from the mass of ever growing agents.

We do not call our self an agent that provides you with the low-cost complement, but service that we offer once you order will simply be vanquished, and provide you with exhilarating memories from your trip that will linger through your life.